Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trending: Velvet

Velvet is one of those materials you either hate or love. In the case of fall/winter I LOVE it! Velvet is such a luxurious material to me. I had my first run in with this material at the age of 6. My mother had put me in a dress for Christmas pictures, the entire dress was made of velvet with accents of lace. I just remember feeling like such a princess. This may be the reason why i love this material so much. It brings back happy moments from my childhood. & I'm more than happy to embrace it as a young adult.

 Tadish Shoji,Balmain
 Tadashi Shoji, Balmain

Velvet was seen threw out many fall 2012 RTW collections, I'm sure we'll see much more in stores this season.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zebra Print

 Wore this to my Morning class today. I'm so happy its October I love this month because of all the Halloween specials on TV networks. Can't wait to sit on my couch & watch Michael Myers Slaughter babysitters & can't forget about Disney Channel's classic movies.

Wearing: Tank- Forever21, Jeans & shoes- H&M,