Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Muse : Tracee Ellis Ross

So my Love for Tracee is long standing, it dates back to Girlfriends days. I was 8 when Girlfriends first aired, Joan quickly became my favorite character. Joan's style and goofy personality instantly stood out for me but what stood out more was the women behind the Character; Tracee Ellis Ross. Similar to her character Tracee is also goofy and her style is out of this world; its also worth noting that she does not have a stylist. I'm constantly scrolling through her instagram to get hair and style inspiration. I love this woman and after years in the industry I'm glad to see that she's just as funny and stylish as she was when I first saw her grace my television as Joan. Her new sitcom Blackish on ABC is hilarious but I honestly tune in every week to see Tracee's character Bo's chic style.

Who's your muse?

*This interview with Tracee is worth watching here
**Watch tracee share 4 outfits from her instagram with Essence mag HERE



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jewelry Inspiration

I've never been the type to wear jewelry consistently and when it comes to that area of my wardrobe I am so uninspired. When I make it a point to buy pieces of jewelry, I usually end up forgetting about them or wear them for about a week straight then I'm done with them forever. Every time I see someone with an outfit that is on point I always take notice of the pieces of jewelry they've put together to complete their look. Im envious of those individuals who have the dedication to accessorize daily; I honestly think they have the most interesting look. Recently I have made it my mission to ACCESSORIZE my life...and wardrobe. I searched the web for editorials that will inspire me to reach my new goal of becoming an accessorizing queen (hopefully).

As we know Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will my new and improve accessory collection. Im really loving the thick gold chocker although I doubt I'd wear that daily, I think it would be an amazing piece for anyone to have in their collection. Gold is always a good choice even better when its long chains, twice as better when its Chanel (winks ;)). That Emerald and diamond combo screams elegance, and you can't go wrong with the classics: Pearls and diamond studs. I usually hate colored jewelry in fear that it looks too costume, but the picture above with those beautiful colored rings have me wanting to give it a go!

Are you a jewelry lover or do you overlook that area in your wardrobe?
Tell us about your favorite jewelry trends and some of your favorite places to shop for accessories. :)

Thank you for reading! 



Friday, February 6, 2015

Camel Love Pt II

Here is the 2nd and last part of our camel love series! Camel is a huge trend right now and I for one couldn't be happier.  This classic shade makes everything look luxe and polished. It's my go to color when I'm looking for a nice neutral. You can only imagine my excitement when I scored this sweater at Zara. Tucking my hair into turtlenecks is something I'm loving right now, I think it brings some edge to this laid back look.

Sweater; Zara, Jeans; Gap, Shoes; F21

Thank you for checking this segment out!
*Are you loving this popping neatural shade? Whats your favorite way to style it? Sound off below.