Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dad's Pullovers

 Pants; Asos, Denim collar shirt; F21

Coat; F21, Jeans; Nordstrom, Shoes; Sears
Its Fall and the temperature is starting to Drop in Northern California, around this time I like to layer & play with different pieces. Last year I went into my dads closet looking for something and found some pretty awesome pullovers from the 90's and 80's. These gems have been apart of my wardrobe for fall/winter ever since. They're are comfortable and easy to wear. I wear them EVERYWHERE, with a jacket or a collared shirt underneath its so easy to come up with a great outfit. I urge you all to look threw your father's (or any other male's) closet for great pieces. I'll be stopping by my grandfather's closet next! 


  1. yes it is time to layer up!! what a fun way to incorporate the pieces