Sunday, July 26, 2015

More From Resort 16' | Rachel Comey x Rag & Bone

Rachel Comey

Rag & Bone

During this years resort presentations I found myself drawn not only to the garments but the creative way designers approached creating their lookbooks. I love when fashion and art are used to showcase more than clothes as well a designer/brand's aesthetic.  I enjoyed both Rachel Comey's and Rag and Bones Resort 16 presentations, both exhibiting a unique way of capturing their garments. Rachel Comey deviating from the norm; decided to document a dance performance resulting in a lookbook with movement and expression. Every woman wants clothes she can move in, Comey's newest collection proves this notion in the coolest way possible. Rag and Bone stuck to a fairly neutral color pallet using angles to capture different sides of the garment. I'd describe this presentation as cold and moody, way off base from typical resort wear, but somehow it works. Pinning sporty understated garments against the season's norm of vacation wear (Light, airy, barely there pieces). Rag gives us clothes for the girl who doesn't get away often, but still makes sure her street style is on point. Rag and bone know how to put together artful lookbooks just as visually pleasing as the garments they are showcasing.

I hope you all enjoyed these collections as much as I did. See more at




  1. Wow! Those jackets are beautiful.
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  2. super good inspiration for the fall, my fave season!

    1. Right? I can't wait for fall and all the fashion that comes with it.