Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jewelry Inspiration

I've never been the type to wear jewelry consistently and when it comes to that area of my wardrobe I am so uninspired. When I make it a point to buy pieces of jewelry, I usually end up forgetting about them or wear them for about a week straight then I'm done with them forever. Every time I see someone with an outfit that is on point I always take notice of the pieces of jewelry they've put together to complete their look. Im envious of those individuals who have the dedication to accessorize daily; I honestly think they have the most interesting look. Recently I have made it my mission to ACCESSORIZE my life...and wardrobe. I searched the web for editorials that will inspire me to reach my new goal of becoming an accessorizing queen (hopefully).

As we know Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will my new and improve accessory collection. Im really loving the thick gold chocker although I doubt I'd wear that daily, I think it would be an amazing piece for anyone to have in their collection. Gold is always a good choice even better when its long chains, twice as better when its Chanel (winks ;)). That Emerald and diamond combo screams elegance, and you can't go wrong with the classics: Pearls and diamond studs. I usually hate colored jewelry in fear that it looks too costume, but the picture above with those beautiful colored rings have me wanting to give it a go!

Are you a jewelry lover or do you overlook that area in your wardrobe?
Tell us about your favorite jewelry trends and some of your favorite places to shop for accessories. :)

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  1. The first picture is actually goals! I love jewellery but when it comes to wearing it, it's such an after thought that I never actually end up wearing any, need to improve that!

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    1. I know! I'm always so worried about my outfit I completely forget to accessorize. Hoping to get better in that area for sure.

  2. Love that post !
    I feel naked it do not have my jewels on me when I go out lol ! It can make a simple outfit better ! :)

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    1. I agree! The right pieces of jewelry can app up a outfit!