Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Muse : Tracee Ellis Ross

So my Love for Tracee is long standing, it dates back to Girlfriends days. I was 8 when Girlfriends first aired, Joan quickly became my favorite character. Joan's style and goofy personality instantly stood out for me but what stood out more was the women behind the Character; Tracee Ellis Ross. Similar to her character Tracee is also goofy and her style is out of this world; its also worth noting that she does not have a stylist. I'm constantly scrolling through her instagram to get hair and style inspiration. I love this woman and after years in the industry I'm glad to see that she's just as funny and stylish as she was when I first saw her grace my television as Joan. Her new sitcom Blackish on ABC is hilarious but I honestly tune in every week to see Tracee's character Bo's chic style.

Who's your muse?

*This interview with Tracee is worth watching here
**Watch tracee share 4 outfits from her instagram with Essence mag HERE